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  • Utah's source for reliable and trustworthy research findings of employment, education, and health.
  • Research findings are summarized and made into visualizations for easier consumption.
  • UDRC is the source of Utah data for employment, education, and health.
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Latest News & Updates

Recent Research Launch: The Relationship Between Firm Size and Wages in Utah

Check out this blog for an overview of recent research authored by Ari Fenn, analyzing the relationship between wage amounts paid to Utah higher education graduates, and the sizes of firms employing those graduates.

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Latest Published Research

The Relationship Between Firm Size and Wages in Utah

Using employment records of higher education graduates, this study examines whether employees of large firms in Utah receive higher wages than workers in smaller firms, known as a wage premium.

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Request Data for your Research

Through an online application process, the Utah Data Research Center is able to provide cross-agency data to external researchers from Utah state partners.

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