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  • Utah's source for reliable and trustworthy research findings of employment, education, and health.
  • Research findings are summarized and made into visualizations for easier consumption.
  • UDRC is the source of Utah data for employment, education, and health.
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Latest News & Updates

Recent Research Launch: Workforce Participation of Stacked Credential Awardees in Utah

Check out this blog for an overview of recent research authored by Karen Tao. The research summarizes the workforce participation of Utah higher education students who earn successively higher awards in the same field of study.

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Latest Published Research

Workforce Participation of Stacked Credential Awardees in Utah

This study highlights stackable certificate/degree pathways available to Utah higher education students, as well as trends in workforce participation observed among students in these pathways.

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Request Data for your Research

Through an online application process, the Utah Data Research Center is able to provide cross-agency data to external researchers from Utah state partners.

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