Request Analysis

Utah Data Research Center analytics products leverage UDRC’s multi-agency data and a team of research scientists to provide detailed short-form insights on narrow public policy questions relevant to Utah. Analytics products are longitudinal, providing insight into topics when measures are observed across time.

Data available for analytics products come from:

  • Utah Department of Workforce Services
  • Utah Department of Health and Human Services
  • Utah State Board of Education (K-12)
  • Utah System of Higher Education
  • Utah Department of Commerce

For a question to fall under the purview of the UDRC, the analysis must:

1. Use data from at least two of the above data partners or link otherwise siloed (such as ASQ and birth certificate data) data from a single agency;
2. Not require substantial background information on the topic; and
3. Measures of interest should already be available in the UDRC data warehouse. The current UDRC data dictionary is available here:

View Data Dictionary

Application Steps

1. Verify that your request satisfies the three requirements listed above.

2. Submit an analysis request form to In the form, explain the proposed topic in detail, including:

  • The intended use of the analytics product;
  • The primary question of interest;
  • The proposed measures that can be used to answer the question; and
  • The expected timeline needed for delivery of the analytics product.

3. Upon receiving your completed form, UDRC will review the request and communicate next steps.

4. Understand that should UDRC create the requested analytics product, the end product will be published on the UDRC website.

Request Data

Pardon our dust — We have temporarily closed our research portal while we upgrade our data system.

The UDRC provides data to external researchers who need cross-agency, or linked siloed data for their research projects. Data available to researchers come from the same five Utah state agencies listed above. Only requests that necessitate linked data from multiple agencies can be fulfilled. If data come from a single source, requestors are encouraged to contact the applicable agency. Datasets provided to researchers will be:

  • Linked;
  • De-identified; and
  • Obfuscated as necessary to avoid secondary disclosure.

Application Steps

1. Does the request need IRB approval?

Data requests are exempt if they come from one of UDRC’s partner agencies or one of the major branches of the Utah state government. Data requested needs to be required for operational activities, studies for internal management purposes (e.g., program evaluation, quality assurance, quality improvement, fiscal or program audits), marketing studies, or contracts for services.

If the request does not meet the above criteria, you will need IRB approval before moving to the next steps. If you do not meet the above criteria but an IRB has already approved the research, you will be asked to upload documentation of the approval before moving to the next steps.

2. Provide the project title and contact information for the principal investigator.

3. Explain your project in detail:

  • State the purpose of your research.
  • State the primary research question(s).
  • Explain how confidentiality of the data will be maintained.
  • Upload a proposal for the research project (optional).

4. Read and agree to the non-disclosure, peer review process, and investigator assurance process agreements.

5. Receive an application number.

Your application is then submitted to be processed. UDRC will contact you to discuss next steps. For applications requiring IRB approval, the IRB may communicate directly with you to receive additional information as it makes its decision. In addition, UDRC may communicate with you to receive clarification on project details. You may review your application status online.

Researchers are encouraged to submit data requests as soon as possible to allow sufficient time for application decisions and data set preparation.

Additional questions or concerns may be directed to