Published Research

The Utah Data Research Center (UDRC) publishes original research products using cross-agency data from various state partners. Below are the published research products from UDRC's researchers. Most of the products feature a data narrative along with a PDF of the full report.

UDRC's latest research reports include the following:

Scholastic Achievement for Utahns
Achievement for Utahns from Preschool to the Workforce

This dashboard shows the outcomes of school preparation and achievement on postsecondary access and industry success. *Temporarily closed*

Elementary students in class
Area Deprivation and the P20 Pipeline

This narrative explores the relationship between Utah's P20W metrics and the overall social and economic health of a given area, known as area deprivation.

Gender Wage Gap of Utah Workforce

This study aims to investigate the gender wage gap experienced by Utahns. Utah has consistently ranked with one of the widest gender wage gaps in the nation.

This photo shows the backs high school students' heads as they are in a class and watching their teacher in the front of the room
Utah High School Course-Taking Patterns and Their Effects on College Readiness

This narrative explores the relationship between Utah's P20W metrics and the overall social and economic health of a given area, known as area deprivation.

Inter-generational Poverty
Intergenerational Poverty

The intergenerational poverty (IGP) research workgroup seeks to improve understanding of IGP in Utah. Published research is available as a 2021 report, 2020 report, or 2019 report.

High School students just graduated
The Migration to College of Utah High School Graduates

This data narrative explores Utah's high school graduates (USBE) from 2013 - 2016 and analyzes their enrollment and migration patterns to Utah's colleges.

Working students
Outcomes for Working Students

As the cost of higher education rises, so does the prevalence of students working to manage the financial burdens of their schooling.

Working students
Outcomes for K12 Students with Disabilities

This study reviews postsecondary and workforce outcomes for students with different types of disabilities.

College graduate spending
Post-secondary Graduate Spending

This narrative explores the differences in income from individuals with technical certificates, associate degrees, bachelor’s degrees and those with master’s degree or higher (2011 - 2018).

College graduate
Postsecondary Outcomes for Low-Income Students

A survey of college outcomes for students who experience low-income disadvantage in high school.

Black and white image of a climber rappeling in the desert
Public Assistance and Postsecondary Education in Utah

This study reviews outcomes for public assistance recipients who earn postsecondary awards.

Technical work
Return on Investment of Career & Technical Education

Technical colleges have seen a significant growth in funding and certificates awarded since 2011. This report shows the amount of income returns based on type of education.

Technical work
Workforce Outcomes for Utah Associate Degree Recipients

This report explores wages and employment industries for different types of associate degree recipients in Utah for one and five years after graduation.

College graduate
Workforce Retention of Graduates

This study aims to identify the characteristics that impact workforce retention following college graduation. This study also provides predictions on the workforce retention rates of USHE and UTech.

Partner-Published Research that uses UDRC data